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Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Coronary bypass graft surgical procedure or CABG surgical treatment or Heart Bypass Surgery is surgical technique to treat obstructed heart blood vessels by bypassing the blocked area to treat heart illness. In this process, an extremely trained cardiac doctor aims to re-establish blood flow to heart muscle. In this surgery, a heart doctor, who is trained in CABG surgical procedure and minimally invasive CABG operation, takes out a fit blood vessel from the leg or arm or upper body of heart patient and attaches it to the additional arteries of the heart in order to circumvent the blocked blood vessel, improving the blood flow in the heart of patient.This surgery is usually done on beating heart using tissue stabilizer.

Minimal Invasive Coronary Bypass Graft operation is also known as MICS CABG

The minimal invasive CABG surgical procedure promotes early surgical recovery of patient and benefits the patient by operating through a small cut on the left chest .It avoids a cut on the sternum(breastbone) and leads to lesser complications and faster return to normal activity.

Merits of Minimal Invasive Coronary Bypass Graft Surgery:

  • Less risk of infection
  • Less scarring – much better cosmetic outcome
  • Shorter hospital stay – get home sooner
  • Less pain, soreness and discomfort
  • Much quicker recovery time (Days vs. Months)
  • No broken bones, no post-operative sternal precautions
  • Can get back to work much sooner (Days vs. Months)
  • Don’t have to miss the entire golf or Tennis season (Weeks vs. Months)
  • Overall less trauma to body


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