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Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiothoracic Surgery

A Cardiothoracic surgery is one of the important surgical procedures where organs and various diseases of a patient’s chest are treated surgically. Normally, in these surgical procedures, various conditions of lung diseases and heart diseases are provided with treatment. The heart, great vessels and lungs of the patient are involved in a cardiothoracic surgery procedure.

A patient needs proper consultation with the surgeon before an operation about which type is suitable for him or her. The surgery procedures are elaborated below for the knowledge of a patient in simple terms:

Open heart surgery procedure:

Open heart surgery is a surgical procedure where a patient’s heart is opened to perform surgical treatment on internal structures of his or her heart. The repairing of defected parts of a heart is properly possible only in a motionless and without blood environment where heart is stopped to drain the blood out. After using anesthesia the surgery is performed to bypass blood.

To keep the complete blood flow situation of the body, including the brain of the patient, during this surgery procedure, surgeons use artificial support with heart and lungs mechanism to make the operation successful.

Beating-heart procedure:

Surgeons perform this surgery as an off-pump bypass surgery. That means when this surgical procedure is used by doctors then the patient’s heart remains beating. However, the heart tissue  is stabilized and an coronary artery bypass  is used to provide a successful bypass across the blockage in the heart.

Minimally invasive procedure:

In present days, many cardiothoracic surgery procedures can be done by minimally invasive technique. This is the latest form of cardiothoracic surgery which is either done through a small cut using specialized instruments or by robot-assisted operation. A patient goes through only a minimum or small incision for the surgery and thus he or she gets quick recovery after the operation. A couple of small holes are made  in the chest  to complete the operation successfully.

Pediatric cardiovascular procedure:

A cardiothoracic surgery involves and encompasses Pediatric cardiovascular treatment as well. This is normally a surgical procedure of the defected hearts of those children which have heart-lung diseases. This surgical procedure  is performed for congenital heart defects where there is the use of a cardiopulmonary bypass machine by surgeons for successful completion of the operation.


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