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Ventricular Remodeling Surgery

Ventricular Remodeling Surgery

Ventricular remodeling surgery also recognized as ventricular rebuilding surgical procedure is performed to fix the heart to its usual shape so that the heart can work resourcefully. In this operation, cardiac surgeons disconnect injured heart tissue from the normal tissue, an artificial patch is installed and heart is redesigned to its standard size. After surgical action the heart works resourcefully and patient can carry his/ her normal life all over again.

What if we might modify the heart – get it back to the extent and form it was previously, before the heart attack happened? What if we could bestow it a facelift of sorts – taking away the motionless areas scarred in the assault? It can sound like science narrative, however a surgical process first experienced in the 1950s has urbanized into surgical ventricular remodeling currently available in the capital.

This surgical procedure is performed to bring back the average function of a feeble heart muscle.

In this surgical treatment the heart dimension and working is renovated by unraveling damaged tissue from strong tissue, an artificial patch is established and heart is reshaped to its typical size. After an operation the heart works proficiently and patient can survive his usual life yet again.

This operation is necessary in patients who have undergone heart attacks leading to harsh flaw of heart function. Heart function failing can also arise in other conditions as dilated cardiomyopathy.


  • Shortness of breath (breathlessness)
  • Puffiness of the feet, belly
  • Chest ache
  • Quick or irregular heart beat
  • Exhaustion
  • Quick weight increase

The procedure:

At the start of the Ventricular remodeling surgery procedure, the doctor will create a cut into the heart to differentiate scarred tissue from fit muscle. The heart surgeon then will redesign the heart by reuniting healthy tissue in roughly a balloon shape in a method that excludes scarred tissue like a crease. This means merely strong, fit muscle is involved in constricting the heart.

It is significant to keep in mind that left ventricular remodeling is completed after a heart attack occurs, not each patient is an applicant for the operation. During the surgery a heart/lung mechanism takes over for the heart, detaching and oxygenating the blood. An inflatable (balloon) is put in inside the heart, its dimension calculated to equal the heart size and form necessary for that patient. A spherical suture is established to attach the cavity for the patch and to transport the heart back to its accurate conical form, with the balloon as a guide for this surgery. Once the patch is in position, the balloon is detached and the heart upholds its refashioned size.

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